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Smart Modelling for Industrial Facilities

Industrial Facilites Drawings

There are many drawings that illustrate an industrial facility, below are some -not all- of them;


Facility Layout
Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams
Process Flow Diagram
Process Operation Diagram
Block Diagram
Single Line Diagram
Functional Diagram
Logic Diagram
Earthing Diagram
Piping Isometrics

These are just some of the drawings that should be available for any industrial facility, each type of drawing has its own standards and subcategories. These drawings help the engineers and operators at any industrial facility obtain certain types of information clearly, quickly, and accurately.

At General Labs, we don’t only help you generate these drawings, we also help you understand your assets and keep track of them using various technologies, drawings generated by our team comply with international standards as well as companies’ own standards.

Some engineers think that these drawings are a luxury and they can go with their daily operations without them, from on-site experience we can assure you that at General Labs we have helped various clients across various industries realize inefficiencies, solve chronic problems and improve system efficiency through drawings like PFD and P&ID. These drawings gives the user a holistic understanding of the system, and it’s a crucial first step in discovering problems and proposing solutions.